Painting vivid video discovery experiences with the brush of comprehension

Our video understanding and retrieval system makes your videos scene-searchable & context-monetizable

Inspired by “The Seven Basic Plots”, by Christopher Booker

We go beyond the “structural” aspects of videos into Behavior and Semantics

Find the hero entry
It’s not the frame when the main protagonist is first seen, but from the setup

Automated video comprehension requires us to mimic how humans do this

Find the source of sound in the video.
Image one
Image two
It's about connecting the voice you hear with the right face and body you see on screen.

Entertainment video needs to monetise, adapt and comply

Find and Replace something in the video.
Replace artifacts in videos seamlessly, regardless of perspective or occlusions.

We license products & technology to solve hard problems in the entertainment video industry

For OTT sVoD

Scene search
Video Personalisation
Metadata Generation

We modernize advertising, to make it cohesive with storytelling

For OTT aVoD

Brand Flipping
Context-Optimised Advertising

We modernize broadcast TV, by bridging the innovation gap

For Smart Broadcast

Product placement inside Story Contexts
Regional Feed Modification

We bring insights and accountability to the world of video advertising

For Brands & Agencies

Creative Insights
Ad Spot Tracking
Sensara’s mission is to get to the essence of human senses.
सार, sāra = Essence in संस्कृतम्, Sanskrit

Over the years, we've put together many ideas, algorithms, machine learning models, process and systems to comprehend video. The quest is on.

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