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Sensy TV Guide & Remote

Redefining your Television experience

Every human habit is served by an app. Sensy is for your TV Watching. Sensy allows your mobile to command your TV, and your TV to command your mobile. Truly pairing them together, and bringing two of modern mankind's true companions closer. In Sensy, you'll see your phone's infrared, microphone, Wi-fi and GPS work together to make your TV experience a breeze.

India's first Real Time, Open, Semantic Search Engine of TV Ads uses Machine Learning to build a large database of Ads, and tags TV channels showing Ads in real time. We made use of some interesting properties of ads. They are short, heavy on audio, tend to repeat a lot, and often occur in bursts... We track 200K+ Ad spots of 800+ products across 200+ channels every week. This amounts to 60+ hours of airtime across channels every day!